Yousaf Khan

I'm a cloud architect at Green Project Technologies, a SaaS-based carbon accounting and ESG management platform.

I am responsible for cloud infrastructure, optimizing existing systems and facilitating the implementation of new features. Collaborating with the product and development team, I help drive the adoption of robust SDLC practices, contributing to the scalability and growth of our platform in line with our clients' environmental goals.

I studied Computer Science and Applied Math at Elon University. I graduated summa cum laude and was awarded the Computer Science Academic Achievement Award.

Recipient of the Odyssey Scholarship and Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship.

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I'm interested in applied mathematics, data analytics, systems engineering, cybersecurity and machine learning. I recently passed the TensorFlow exam to start incorporating TensorFlow models within projects.

MapSwitch - iOS App

I created MapSwitch so that I can use Apple Maps for directions when clicking on a Google Maps link. This has saved me lots of headache from copying directions.

InPoint Security - SaaS Analytics Solutions

A platform to digest and present vulnerability scans for non-IT users. It was a fun proof of concept project that resulted in an application and interview with YCombinator.

Gist - Article Summarization Tool

A tool to summarize articles built in Python using a natural language toolkit and TextRank algorithm. It was a valuable project for understanding tokenization, embeddings and NLP concepts in general.

Customer Reviews Sentiment Analyzer

As part of Hanesbrands Inc. Data Analytics Competition, I worked on a data pipeline for identifying sales drivers in customer reviews. We processed over 116k customer reviews for sentiment and emotion analysis using IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding and other statistical methods.

Virtual Reality Education (VREd) - Google Cardboard Box + VR Experience Platform

During a 3 day AI Startup Weekend hosted by the Kapor Center for Social Impact, I prototyped an OS application that brings VR learning experiences to the classroom at an affordable cost by combining pre-made VR experiences along with a free Google cardboard box.

EventMaster - Boarding School Weekend Activity Management App

A web application to help students at my school sign for weekend events and for admins to plan activities. Originally started as an iOS app before turning into a web application built using Backbone and Parse frameworks. We placed second in a Blue Ocean Competition.

Unit Circle Lightshow

A personal project to understand trignometry unit circle better and implement a lightshow using an Arduino.

Saintsplex - Centralized School Contact Directory for Faculty

An online contact directory to look up phone numbers for students and faculty at my school. The goal was to replace existing spreadsheets with a portable and accessible solution.


cs188 Computer Science Academic Achievement Award, 2020
Benjamin Grover Johnston Award, 2018
University Innovation Fellow, 2018
Matthew John Ford Memorial Scholarship, 2018
Bill Gates Millenium Scholar, 2016
MacMahon Scholar, Odyssey Scholarship, 2016
Wight Foundation Scholar, 2011
cs188 Problem 1126: Solution to Limit of Infinite Product

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